Introduction to Embedded Supercomputing

What is Embedded Supercomputing ?

Embedded Supercomputing brings high performance computing capacity to devices and applications which need to process large amount of data but have limitations of power and space.

Jetson TK1 is an embedded supercomputer with a 192 core GPU, an ARM CPU and a power consumption of 5 watts and can integrate with any kind of embedded applications. For example, the IIT Bombay's autonomous vehicle team has fit it into their car and uses it for path planning and image processing.

Where to buy Jetson TK1 in India?

Some of the vendors are :

How to setup a new board ?

Setting up a new board:

This video link gives instructions and demonstrates how to setup and use the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 embedded supercomputer.

From GCOE's github repository you can download the script files required for flashing the OS and installation of CUDA and OpenCV.

To know how to flash OS in Jetson TK1, check this link below and follow the procedure

For best results, read through the official NVIDIA documentation