GPA-1, IIT Bombay, 24th – 26th February 2014

GPU Programming and Applications (GPA-2014)


Workshop: GPU Programming and Applications (GPA-2014)

Date of Workshop: 24th – 26th February 2014

Venue: IIT Bombay

Participants: 280

Speakers: 13


NVIDIA Corporation, USA awarded IIT Bombay a GPU Center of Excellence (GCOE). The GCOE of IIT Bombay, in association with NVIDIA, had conducted a National Level Workshop on GPU Programming and Applications (GPA-2014) during 24th – 26th February 2014 at IIT Bombay. GPA-2014 was a three day workshop on heterogeneous parallel computing. GPA-2014 was aimed at enriching the skills of students, faculty and researchers with cutting-edge techniques and hands-on experience in developing applications for many-core processors, with massively parallel computing resources like GPU accelerators.

Objectives of the workshop:-

• Introduced techniques/ tools available based on NVIDIA's CUDA environment.

• Enabled participants to quickly get started with writing their own parallel codes on GPGPU.

• Provided hands-on experience in parallel programming.

• The special sessions provided the rich hands-on experience with various languages and tools covered in the lectures.

• They comprised a brief introduction to the programming assignments, followed by independent work periods.

• Helped with the assignments, teaching assistants will be available in person and via the web.

• Presented case studies from different application domains.


Program Contents:-

Workshop program was structured to give the participants exposure starting from fundamentals to applications:-

  • Why Supercomputing ?
  • Introduction to Parallel Computing
  • Introduction to GPU Computing
  • CUDA Architecture and Programming model
  • CUDA Best practices
  • CUDA Optimizations
  • CUDA Profiling and debugging tools
  • Case Studies from different Application Domains


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